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Orhan Yagizer Cinar
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About Orhan Yagizer Cinar

Hello, I'm Orhan Yağızer ÇINAR. I am 17 years old. I am an 11th-grade student at Gaziantep Vehbi Dinçerler Science High School. My goal is to become a data scientist. My biggest dream is to settle in a Metropol city one day and continue my life and career there. I started working and exerting effort at this age to achieve this goal. As individual learning to learn, it is one of my biggest ideals to spend every moment of my life learning something new. The most important hard skill I have is Python. I am improving myself every day as a soft skill. I also work for 21st-century literacy, which is essential for me. In addition to these, I continue to improve myself in areas such as sports, art, and literature. I enjoy playing basketball, playing the guitar and writing essays. I am also interested in aviation as a hobby.

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